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Teylor Bowens

Owner of Avaré Inc

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Teylor's Tips For You

Have a quality product or service.
Start small and grow your brand.
Be creative with your content.
Continue to learn about the industry you’re in.
"My experience in the apparel industry and my own personal style allowed me to step out on faith and create something of my own."
Use customer feedback to inform market strategy

Teylor named her business after her middle name as a way to honor her roots. Although she now lives in Los Angeles, she wanted something that reflected where she came from. She has encountered challenges in setting her brand apart from competitors selling similar products, but is continually working on making sure that her business stands out from the crowd.

AVARÉ is a one-of-a-kind jewelry line curated and crafted by Teylor Avaré. Her pieces are designed and selected to be timeless, versatile, and effortlessly stylish. We discussed with her the journey she has had as an entrepreneur and what advice she has for those looking to start their own business but feeling overwhelmed by the process.

Owning a business has been the most rewarding experience for Teylor. Seeing her Avaré pieces in the hands of her customers brings her immense joy and satisfaction. She loves seeing her pieces bring out the beauty and confidence in those who wear them. She is always humbled to read glowing reviews from women near and far who feel beautiful and empowered.

"I make sure every one of my pieces are of great quality." Teylor takes customer satisfaction seriously and puts a lot of effort into making sure every piece from Avaré is of the highest quality. She pays close attention to customer feedback and uses it as an opportunity to shape her marketing strategy so that she can continuously improve the products she provides. Teylor strives to go above and beyond for her customers, ensuring they are happy with their purchase no matter what. With this commitment, it's no surprise that Teylor has developed such a devoted fanbase of women who feel beautiful and empowered when wearing pieces from Avaré!
Conduct competitor analysis
Identify unique traits about your brand

Teylor measures her business success when she gains a new customer or follower - they saw something they liked and wanted to show their support. She hopes that in five years, Avare will be a well-known brand, having expanded into clothing, and that she'll be working on the business full-time, having left her corporate job behind.
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